Monday, November 12, 2012

Rowley urges nation to use Lord Rama's example to defeat challenges

Keith Rowley and his wife, Sharon
Keith Rowley has urged citizens to follow the example of Lord Rama to overcome the challenges that face Trinidad & Tobago. 

In his Divali message, Rowley said, "We face the darkness of social and economic difficulties daily. But just as Lord Rama triumphed over Rawan, so too must we strive to triumph over these challenges as individuals, families, communities and a nation...

"We must all, in our daily lives aspire, not only to conquer darkness, but in essence to be the light over darkness. This will require us to shed light on untruth, injustice, evil and wrongdoing wherever it exists. We must also demand this from those who seek to lead us and of those whom we seek to lead...

"Divali is tamaso ma jyotir gamaya; the magnitude of the grace of God that lights up our pathway and destroys darkness, untruth, injustice, greed and evil while illuminating truth, justice, charity and goodness. 

"As our Hindu brothers and sisters commemorate this auspicious festival the entire nation joins in proclaiming the message of Divali... Shubh Divali to the Hindu community and the entire nation".

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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