Sunday, November 18, 2012

PNM member upset with Rowley's dealing with BAE matter

Whether or not we like it, whenever a duly elected government challenges a foreign entity, in some ways we can say it is as if we are in a state of war with that foreign entity. 

Whether or not we recognize or admit it, these days, most wars are fought diplomatically, which is where politicians and advocates step into the picture, because, whether or not we admit it, politics and trials are the diplomatic and civilized ways of settling disputes which, long ago, would be settled only by physical blows. 

In other words, politics and court trials are civilized ways of fighting wars. It follows therefore that societies that use the vehicles of reasoned political arguments or court trials to resolve disputes are more civilized than those which resort to armed conflict or rahrah at the drop of the slightest pin. 

It also follows that the patriotism or treachery of citizens could be measured by the way they respond when reasoned political arguments or court trials are employed by a duly elected government to settle disputes with foreign entities.

I had followed closely the OPV matter, even from before the present government came to power. Frankly, to me it was a bad investment from the outset. 

The money could have been better spent to improve the terms and conditions of the national security services, for, as I had told former Security Minister, Martin Joseph, personally, when he came to St Finbar's church, Sangre Grande, to attend my cousin's funeral in 2004, you can't put no starving dogs to guard no butcher shop!

I am upset and happy that the OPV matter has been finally settled. 

Upset, over the way Dr Rowley and other officials of my party have been maligning this great country indirectly by condemning the actions of the Attorney General to make BAE give us back our money after they took our money and didn't deliver. 

Happy, that, through the civilized actions of the Attorney General, a former colony of Great Britain could make one of Great Britain's largest business groups buckle and agree to our point of view. 

As a result, I congratulate the Attorney General and the team of advocates he chose to deal with the BAE matter. I understand there were local attorneys involved as well, so he should publicly identify them, since withholding due praise is the same as muzzling the ox as it threshes the grain. 

And I ask my PNM colleagues to open their eyes and think for themselves, for the majority of us were children to whom Dr Eric Williams spoke when he said our nation's future depended on us using our intellect, not following blindly anybody.

Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.
(PNM! But no fanatic!)

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