Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PM concerned about Kublalsingh; asks health minister to put ambulance on standby to help

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Monday issued a media release expressing her "deep concern" for the health and welfare of Wayne Kublalsingh.

The leader of the Highway Re-route movement has been on a hunger strike since last Thursday and has refused food and liquids. He is growing weaker and his strength is declining rapidly because of dehydration.
Wayne Kublalsingh and supporters pray outside the PM's private residence
He has taken the drastic action as part of his campaign to have the government change a section of the highway to Point Fortin. The matter is now in the courts.

Over the weekend, the works minister stated that the matter is now sub judice, "and in that regard, any meeting between the government and the Group would be inadvisable if not inappropriate." 

Emmanuel George added, "The Group has sought recourse and can seek redress from the Court for any of its grievances as is its right. For its part the Government is committed to the rule of law, and is prepared to let the Court deal with and determine these matters."

In expressing concern Monday, Persad-Bissessar said she endorsed the position of the works minister. She added: "It is most unfortunate that he (Kublalsingh) has chosen to pursue such an action and I regard this matter as I would anyone who puts themselves in harm’s way.

"I have asked the Minister of the People, Dr. Glen Ramadarsigh to have trained members of staff from Social Services visit Dr. Kublalsingh in the hope that in his own interest he can be reasoned with and given some measure of solace.

"I have also requested that Minister of Health, Dr. Fuad Khan, who is also a medical doctor, to pay Dr. Kublalsingh a visit and to place an ambulance on standby if ever necessary at any time."

Dr Khan visited Kublalsingh Monday but was met with hostility. Kublalsingh said, “I will not use that ambulance, so get out of here.” (Watch the video of the encounter by clicking on the image below. The language from Kublalsingh may be offensive to some people)

The minister told local media he is “very concerned” about Kublalsingh’s health, adding that the dehydration would the body to malfunction and Kublalsingh become mentally confused. 

Kublalsingh’s father, Ray Kublalsingh, has unsuccessfully tried to get his son to accept medical attention. He told reporters his son "isn’t listening to anybody."

He added: “While I don’t want him to die it would be better if he dies this way than from natural causes."

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