Friday, November 23, 2012

People Minister launched free bus service for disabled in Tobago; service coming to Trinidad next

People Minister Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh congratulates Jason Clarke, the first Tobagonian to ride the bus for the physically challenged.Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, Minister in the Ministry of the People looks on as Clarke is being strapped on by a technician from Chinese bus manufacturer from Yutong. Photo courtesy Roshan Sookram, Advisor to the
The Ministry of the People launched a pilot project in Tobago on Wednesday to provide a bus service for physically challenged persons in Tobago.

The ministry is using two specially equipped buses for the service, which was launched by Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh, the Minister of the People and
Social Development, at Scarborough Tobago. 

Ramadharsingh told reporters the pilot project will run for six months during which the ministry will work out any bugs in the system. 

The minister said a similar service in Trinidad would provide free transportation to the physically challenged. There would be 24 buses operating this exclusive service.

Ramadharsingh dismissed critics who said the move is political as part of the campaign for the Tobago House of Assembly election. He said his Ministry's visit to Tobago had been planned long before the THA election was announced. 

Jason Clarke was not thinking politics when he became the first person to use the service in Tobago. He was just happy to see such a service available to him and other physically challenged people in Tobago.

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