Thursday, November 15, 2012

Marlon got OPV story wrong, sends apology to AG

Marlon RadioPolice jumped the gun Wednesday on the Internet and, without checking the facts, reported as fact that the T&T would have to pay BAE more than TT$1 billion. It turns out he was wrong ... so he posted an apology on the Internet, which is reproduced below exactly as it was seen on Facebook:

Marlon RadioPolice
I wish to take this opportunity to appologise to the AG. On hearing of the BAE settlement I ran with it on the suumption that it is T&T who will have to fork out 1.1 B in settlement.

"well I must admit that I just ran with the story as reported, that a settlement has been reached and I concluded that we would have to pay based on what has been reported before and mostly what has been said right here on FB.

Now, this is a great opportunity to remind folks of how extremly important it is to ensure that we have all the facts when posting stories and making comments. Something I have tried to do very often, even as I am labelled appologist, accused of drinking cool aid etc.

See how easy it is to influence opinions, to cause persons to form conclusions? I can't stress enough that we must rise above our daily rants, seasoned with nonsense, fueled by speculations and based purely on politics, party politics" Marlon RadioPolice

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