Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter: Why the deafening silence on Gordon's "endorsement" of THA boss, London

I note with interest and indeed grave concern that the Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Orville London, has stated that he would not provide documents as requested by the minister of finance within the seven day period as stated in the minister's letter dated Oct. 23, 2012. 

He has, however, said he would make the same documents available to the Integrity Commission of Trinidad and Tobago (ICTT).

I find it rather curious that London could provide all the documents to one agency while refusing to give them to the minister. 

Is it just political spite or does he have to sanitize the documents before sending them to the minister while he doesn't have to worry about the ICTT since he has friends there?

Further, this action by London shows the utter contempt he has for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, or rather the People’s Partnership Government.

I am also concerned that the Integrity Commission of Trinidad & Tobago (ICTT) and its chairman, Kenneth Gordon, may have been brought into disrepute because of a newspaper ad.

In my view the ICTT Chairman was ethically wrong to involve himself with the Chief Secretary in a recent advertisement that appears to convey an endorsement of the Chief Secretary by the ICTT.

Even more worrying is the deafening silence from our journalists, our talk show hosts and even Opposition Leader Keith Rowley, who himself had to seek legal redress to have the courts declare that the ICTT acted in bad faith by not giving him the the right to be heard.

One remembers the calls for the resignation of (former) Heads of the ICTT… Eric St Cyr, Gordon Deane, Father Henry Charles. In fact, I recall former President of the Law Council, Martin Daly SC, calling on President Max Richards to resign when within days of their appointment, both Fr Henry Charles and Justice Zainool Hosein resigned.

Why the silence now? Is it “different strokes for different folks”? What makes Kenneth Gordon so special?

It seems the biggest and most difficult job currently facing the Integrity Commission is convincing the public of its own integrity.

Those who guard the ethics of our country must always be ethical… on this there must be no compromise.

Capil Bissoon | Ontario Canada

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