Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter: Suddenly I can't remember

Dear Editor,

Lately the PNM has been trying its best to do a makeover. It has been doing that in order to do what used to do what I remember my mom used to do to the senna for us to drink it: put some honey in it to make it more palatable. Honey or not, I remember the aftermath was always the same: loose bowels for everyone.

Senna is best used sparingly not lavishly: any overdose could tax you to the point of dehydration, seizure and painful death. Most medical professionals tell you there's no need for senna at all: maintaining a proper and balanced diet will keep the internal organs functioning as The Lord intended and will leave you with smooth, clean skin and hospitable body aromas.

I remember how the PNM used its majority in Parliament and its "outside contacts" over and over to "sort out" things in its members' favour. 

I remember a notable example would be Louis Andre Monteil and the Home Mortgage Bank shares purchase followed by repurchase; I remember another would the speed with which Town and Country approval was given for a certain property in Tobago to be reclassified as residential lands, raising the worth of the reclassified lands overnight from half a million dollars to fifteen million (I remember the property was owned by the line Minister and his wife.)

I remember also a very recent one: the THA/MILSHIRV "sweetheart" deal, where the PNM-controlled THA bought a piece of land for twelve million dollars on the 15th November last year, then turned around and sold it back to "the same interests" one week later for a paltry one thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars. 

I remember when asked to explain, the THA's London twins said it was none of "our" business and, in any case, they hadn't sold it, but "merely leased it" for 199 years. I remember how to count, so, in short, the THA really gave away $11,998,001.00 of "our money", in other words, the THA bankrolled MILSHIRV to the tune of $12m of "our money". (Please note, I remember that's without applying the "time-value principle" into the equation.)

I remember Finance Minister Howai writing to the THA demanding explanations for its perplexing behaviour. I remember "seven days" to mean "one week" and "Finance Minister" to mean the constitutionally-appointed person who oversees every cent of public expenditure.

I can't remember anyone who can't count to seven being given responsibility to head an institution similar to the Tobago House of Assembly. Neither can I remember anyone not remembering that the hand that pays the piper calls the tune.

Liz Awai, (Cellphone: 731-3355) Bagatelle, Diego Martin, Trinidad.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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