Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter: PNM has no moral right to complain about Section 34

To Section Thirtyfouriners and their friends and family,

It's not often in life things rile me to the point where I must become abusive, but this is one of those times. 

Why don't you all shut up? Why are you always trying to rewrite history?
The whole Section 34 fiasco is not about any conspiracy. It is about one big mistake in which all of you who playing innocent are guilty as hell.

Every PNM MP and Senator voted for Section 34 AS AMENDED. 
What? They was stupid at the time, or voting in their sleep? Let's just be clear.

Every media person, man in the street and schoolchild reading the media reports and the parliament records about the debates knew exactly what happened, who said what, and who voted how and why.

No assurance was asked for by the PNM and no assurance was given by the PP concerning the proclamation. Without that vote, there would be no proclamation.

The vote was the equivalent of signing a blank cheque and giving to the government. Do you know what a blank cheque in somebody's hands is? It is the openended authority to access resources, no questions asked, whenever the person holding the cheque feels.

How could any of you who signed the blank cheque protest when the government, misguidedly or not, decides to cash it?

What I said may not sway you away from your dangerous and downright silly path. But we know what makes political sense inside Balisier House doesn't make common sense.

It is to the local media's credit that it abandoned its accustomed spindoctoring in order to alert the nation and government of the unwelcome consequences Section 34.

Much more, it is to the government's and Prime Minister's credit that it moved swiftly to fix the law and punish whoever was at fault after the media alert.
When it was in power, the PNM never did any such thing when confronted by a similar situation. 

The PNM needs to shut up, licks its wounds and pay for its many misdeeds, or feel the heavier wrath of the corridor you claim the PP has lost.

Erica Campbell-Moe | formerly of La Puerta, Diego Martin.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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