Friday, November 9, 2012

Letter: The Integrity Commission must move against London

Under the Integrity Act, the Integrity Commission can demand from public officials such as Orville London any information it wishes to have, once it's conducting or thinking of conducting an investigation related to an alleged breach of the Act.

Under the Tobago House of Assembly Act, the Chief Secretary is the top dog of the Assembly and has to manage properly (and answer appropriately for) every thing the Assembly does.

Under the principles and practices of Business Management and Political Science, survival and success depend on the ability to read the tea leaves and prepare well in advance for what's reasonably expected to happen.

"Osterize" all three of the above and you'd realize the latest reported actions and attitude of the Chief Secretary leave much to be desired. I'm speaking of the fact that he has not met the more than reasonable deadlines set by both the Minister of Finance and the Integrity Commission to furnish all information concerning the already-executed BOLT deal with MILSHIRV. 

Any reasonable Accounting Officer in his position would have compiled a comprehensive and truthful dossier on the entire arrangement the instant the MILSHIRV deal was made public, given the manner, tone and significance of those who brought it to the public's notice.

The Chief Secretary cannot be allowed to escape the full wrath of the Integrity Commission over his failure to meet the reasonable deadline given him. 

If the Commission refuses to apply to judge in chambers for an injunction, then the assertion many have already made (that the recent Integrity Commission advert demonstrates its Chairman's bias towards Mr London) would definitely be given the final push it needs to get it over the edge and onto the unassailable plateau of credibility.

On behalf of all right-thinking citizens, I call on the Integrity Commission to act without fear or favour regarding this issue. Failure by the Integrity Commission to take my advice would open itself to be declared a vehicle which has "driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible".
Liz Awai, (Cellphone: 731 3355) | Bagatelle, Diego Martin, Trinidad.

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