Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter: I prefer the real Rowley

The image makeover for Dr Rowley was long overdue. I enjoyed the Michelle Obama-styled entrance at Sunday’s convention in the Savannah. The hype was rewarded with the energetic crowd response. 

As I looked at the video presentation, Rowley the man, with his wife Sharon speaking so lovingly about my political leader, two thoughts crossed my mind: didn’t we criticise Kamla and the UNC for introducing this style of American razzmatazz entertainment type politics?

Didn’t we criticise her for swaying to popular songs on stage and dubbed her the ultimate “party girl”? 

Rowley started his excellent speech by quoting extensively from the father of the nation, Dr Eric Williams. He was a man who perfected the art of grassroot politics in pretty much the same way Panday perfected the rum shop politics on the ground.

Their strength came from the people on the ground as opposed to entertainment hype and this is what made them attractive and appealing. I prefer the raw and unvarnished version Keith Rowley. Manning may have deemed it ‘wajang’ behaviour but Rowley was strong and a fighter for the PNM.

Now, I fear he is being seduced and bought over with this entertainment hype. Ironically, this image makeover might widen the gap between Rowley and his own base, a base that he is yet to consolidate.

Anna-Marie Rosales | Diego Martin

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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