Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kublalsingh will take intravenous nutrition, but no food

Supporters help Wayne Kublalsingh (Express photo)
Wayne Kublalsingh said Wednesday he would allow health care personnel at a hospital to feed him intravenously but he won't accept solid food.

The leader of the Highway Reroute group has been on a hunger strike since last Thursday and is now very weak. He refused the state's assistance and abused and chased away Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan who visited him and offered help.

Kublalsingh has said he is prepared to die for his cause but as his family is making arrangements to look after him he appears to have compromised. "I will accept IV fluids, but I will not eat, not even in the hospital," he said.

A private ambulance is on standby and a medical technician checks on him every 10 minutes, keeping a log of his vital signs. "My team will take control of my body, but I will give the signal when I am ready," he told local media.

His mother, Vilma Kublalsingh, has told the medical personnel that they should take him to a public hospital when the time comes.

Kublalsingh does not stay at the camp in St Clair 24/7. He stays in Debe during the night, where a nurse monitors his conditions. 

On Thursday he put on a display for the media to show his physical shape, having lost 42 pounds since his hunger strike began. 

"I have dropped to 93 lbs," Kublalsingh told the media. "As far as my health is concerned, I am amazed at my health. It is not relenting, the body is not going. I thought I would have lasted three days. All the vitals are very strong, everything seems to be healthy," he said.

"I make a promise to you as soon as my vitals are threatened by a fluttering heart rate or feel excessively weak or dizzy, I will call on the facilities. They will take me to the Port of Spain General Hospital," he said.

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