Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heston Corbie's political parable: Let sleeping dogs LIE!

It's Sunday, a good time to use parables to invite persons to proper conduct, or to explain the mysteries of life.

Now, there was this household whose steward was found wanting because he wilfully mismanaged the house.

As punishment, the owners stripped him of office and declared him banished for fifty years, in the first instance.

Thus it was the steward was forced to leave behind many of owners' treasures he and his family had secretly arrogated unto himself over a period of fifty-four years.

Thus it was that, fearing the new steward would set about exploring the house to find these treasures and return them to their rightful owners, the family of the banished steward sought out eighteen guard dogs, each of which, to varying degrees, was well-versed in recognizing and attacking anyone who had the had the owners' interests at heart.

Twelve of these dogs they let loose on the ground levels and dungeons of the house; the remaining six were set in position as sentinels of the upper floor and rooftop exclusively.

To every dog, one instruction was given, one only: "Watch the new steward and her people like a hawk! Don't let anything slip past you! Your job is to maintain what little credibility the family has left! From abroad, we will try our best to rebuild it over the next fifty years, then we shall return!"

To every dog they provided every convenience imaginable on a timely basis: food, drink, vitamins, even scarves to use whenever the temperature dropped too low.

Forsooth, the owners also ensured they were comfortable, for though their purpose was an open secret, the owners believed the dogs were human too, or, since most weren't old, given time, could be taught new tricks to make them reasonable.

One day, one of the household staff hired by the new steward began cementing some gaping cracks in the dungeon wall. The noise awoke the dogs; two of them growled a bit on realizing the plaster was poorly mixed; then, with a wag of their collective tail, every guard dog flopped back down and fell asleep.

Wherefore, what shall the family of the banished steward do with those guard dogs but to send them off to the Farmer's Wife for a good cut-tail?


Heston Corbie | 69 Prizgar Lands, Laventille.

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