Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guest commentary: Let us fight against those who want to disrupt our peaceful way of life

“There will be no political coalition between the People's National Movement (PNM) and the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ). Talk of such a political alliance at Wednesday night's third roundtable session sparked a heated debate and resulted in two groups pulling out of the informal labour, civil and political amalgamation.”

The above headline appeared in the Express on Nov 16th 2012. 

The attempts by several persons and groups to get rid of the Peoples Partnership even if undemocratic means were going to be used came to a halt when the “party” crashed! 

It is now very obvious that the reason for the marching has less to do with Clause 34 and more to do with destabilising the government and the country in a greedy grab for power without any thought of the consequences.

Those involved in this “subversive” activity do not care whether Port of Spain is looted, or whether San Fernando is burned to the ground. The hate and jealousy that are being expressed by the trade union leaders and the PNM is there for all to see. 

The bitterness that showed its face when they lost on May 24th 2010 is now culminating in a level of aggression that is inconsistent with our democratic ideals.

It is also now clear that the trade unions do not have any level of decency and morality. These trade unions who are gathering with the PNM and as it were sleeping with the devil, have forgotten that the PNM jailed them in the past, brutalized them buy using the Police, Army and dogs against them. 

They have forgotten that they were treated with scorn and disdain and offered a mere 1% to settle their wage disputes. The PP Govt has been settling at between five and nine per cent. 

The country must be very careful over the next year. With PSA elections due Jennifer Baptiste who is now cuddling the PNM will make a grab for power in the PSA. 

She is so bitter that she will destabilize the Public Service by poisoning the minds of public servants in the cause of the PNM. Public Servants must resist this because they could find that their jobs are being put in jeopardy by Baptiste.

Lest we forget it is this PP government that has been settling all the outstanding wage agreements indicating that it stands for labour, notwithstanding the grandstand of Devanand Sinanan and Rostum Job of TTUTA. 

These two so called gentlemen are not true nationals of this country. They are prepared to sacrifice the educational development of children by their boycotting of classes. 

The parents in this country should march against the teachers and put them in their place. The government should keep the schools open by inviting voluntary teachers. This damn nonsense must stop NOW! The destruction of the lives of the children and the disruption of the lives of parents are unforgivable. The government must get tough NOW!

Right thinking people must reject those who want to create chaos in this land. Mimicking Egypt and other mid eastern countries they want to overthrow the government. 

Democratic supporters must defend the country against them. This is like the battle of Kurukshetra. Let us be like the Pandavas and fight without fear against those who want to disrupt our peaceful way of life.

Chandra Harnanan

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