Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest commentary: Kublalsingh's hunger for publicity

Over the past week or so, much attention has been given to this so called “hunger strike” by Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh in protest of the construction of the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway. 

To my knowledge, someone conducting a real Hunger Strike remains at the same spot 24/7 and does NOT disappear out of the public’s eye at night. Who knows what he can be eating or drinking at night! 

I cannot understand how a man who hasn’t eaten or drank anything for the past 5 or 6 days could find the strength to cuss a Government Minister; this man also being a University lecturer supposedly responsible for molding the minds of the youths of the nation.

What kind of example is Dr. Kublalsingh setting? Also, I am aware that the end of the Semester is approaching and Dr. Kublalsingh, having abandoned his students at this time for this cause, seems just a bit negligent and careless to me. 

You have a duty to these students sir, DO NOT abandon them for your own selfish agenda. I firmly believe that this is Hunger Strike is nothing more than a Hunger for Publicity.

I read in the newspaper recently that a senior attorney said that the according to the common law, the state can take legal action against Kublalsingh as this “hunger strike” can be seen as attempting suicide which is illegal. 

What I cannot understand is the fact that he claims to be fighting for justice but is doing so by going against the law? Is that it Kublalsingh? In my view, that is in very poor taste.

This man claims he wants to meet with the Prime Minister, but after seeing his reaction to two Government Ministers where he resorted to using obscene language, I don’t think I want him anywhere near my Prime Minister! 

Kublalsingh, the 1.3 million people of Trinidad and Tobago will not be deprived of development because of your selfish agenda. T&T is in favour of progress and we say BUILD THE HIGHWAY!
Chris Arshad Hosein

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