Monday, November 12, 2012

From our archives - Manning admits PNM does not reflect T&T diversity

The People's National Movement (PNM) has always been identified as an Afro centric party despite the fact that its founding charter spoke of a party for all. 

It's something that Patrick Manning claims that to have tried to change but did not have much success. He made that point to supporters in Port of Spain in 2003 when he was Prime Minister.

In the July 2003 speech to members of the party Manning lamented the reality that in all its history the PNM membership had failed to reflect the society. 

Today Keith Rowley is trying to use public relations and imaging to create a mirage of an all inclusive movement. While he is struggling with it the leader of the so-called Indian party is comfortable embracing Trinidad & Tobago's diversity.

What Manning spoke about in 2003 continues to be a serious problem facing the party he once led. 

Here is an excerpt from Manning's speech from July 2003:

"There is a tendency for people in this society to talk about race and some of the things that people use as jokes, when heard by others, have a devastating effect on those who hear them. 

"The day for loose talk about race is long is for you (Afro-Trinidadian members of the PNM) to welcome them (Indians), consistent with the founding principles...

"It would be a glorious day when the composition of the PNM is a reflection of the society from which we come...that is yet to happen ladies and gentlemen.
"...over the last 47 years successive PNM leaders and members of the Youth League and members of the Women's League and rank and file members have worked hard and long and tirelessly to bring that dream together...

"I know for people who have not traditionally supported the PNM it is not an easy decision to make since the PNM has been the natural enemy for all these years."

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