Thursday, October 11, 2012

PP government vision is people-centred, PM Kamla tells legislators

Edited excerpt from PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar's contribution to the 2013 Budget Debate on Wednesday. The House of Representatives pass the fiscal measure, which now goes to the Senate.
Our vision is for a better life for all wherever you may live, whether in Tobago, whether in the North, South , East or West, whether in Laventille or Longdenville, whether in Cedros or Charlotte Ville, whether in Mayaro or Morvant, whether in Penal or Palatuvier, San Fernando or Scarborugh, Debe or Dibe - regardless of place or race, our vision is to improve the quality of life of all our citizens.

You know where our true heart lies.

The grassroots of this country have seen a demonstration of a different kind, one of concern and compassion, one that is people centred.

From the moment we took office we embarked upon a programme of people centred development the likes of which this country has never seen before.

In little villages, in remote areas, in rural communities, in areas hitherto overlooked and underdeveloped we brought development for the first time.

Line ministers would have shared details.

Business is booming in cities, in the country towns and villages with new construction everywhere – new buildings, road paving, box drains, schools, health centres, water lines and so much more.

That is where the development is, that is where our hearts lies.

So when they ask you where is the development in Trinidad and Tobago tell them don’t look for it in tall structures, look for it in the eyes of a happier, healthier child, in the lives of an elderly person who lives easier, look for it in the hopes and expectations of a nation.

The long promised Point Fortin highway promised over decades is becoming a reality with phase One about 60 % complete as many other projects.

Our vision is not a pie in the sky vision, of 20/20 high rise buildings. 
It is not about high rises and sky rises but about people rising. 

In keeping with our vision of people centred development we will build schools and hos
pitals and recreation grounds throughout.

You do not have to wait for 20/20 to get s passport, a birth certificate, a driver’s permit – you can get these now – that is our vision to bring goods and service to our citizens in a more efficient manner.

In keeping with our vision our children will be computer literate; they do not have to wait for 20/20.

In keeping with our vision our children do not have to die because their families cannot afford lifesaving surgery...
We will continue to perpetuate in our projects and plans, the ideals of economic justice, civil rights, a humane set of domestic policies which promote liberty and decent standards of life for all our citizens, not one, not a privileged few, but ALL 1.3 million of them. 

And in so doing, we will fulfill this country’s potential and my personal dream of creating a nation where...we would have created prosperity by encouraging thrift, where we strengthened the weak by also strengthening the strong and where we help the little people by simultaneously building the established people.

And so Mr. Speaker, it is in that spirit that I say I call on all in this Honourable House to give their support for this Budget, for in so doing, you would have proved you are truly patriots of our nation...

...let me reiterate to all citizens that Budget 2012-2013 is your Government’s message to you that your Cabinet Ministers, your Prime Minister and your MPs, are, like you the people, we are still rich in hope, courage and confidence.

Let us therefore, in this our 50th year of our nation’s Independence, pledge to mobilize all our resources as in a systematic and organized manner, to tackle the issues that confront us with a determination that has thus far been the hallmark of our successes, and the discipline production and tolerance that we possess to aspire and achieve together, to achieve greatness as a nation and a people.

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