Saturday, October 27, 2012

PNM to protest at T&T consulate on Nov. 2 to coincide with POS protest

T&T Consulate in Toronto
The People's National Movement (PNM) has obtained permission to protest outside the Trinidad & Tobago Consulate at 185 Sheppard Avenue West in Toronto on November 2 between nine in the morning and noon.

The commentary below by CAPIL BISSOON is a response to the protest:

In its continued efforts to attempt to create political instability in Trinidad and Tobago, the PNM has now targeted our country’s diplomatic missions abroad to wage a war and attempt to undermine the legitimacy of a duly elected majority Government.

This protest action is totally unwarranted, unjustified and without any basis. The PNM’s mission will only further diminish their Party’s already severely devalued political currency and will no doubt continue to cast this party in a more negative than positive image.

This is not about mother Trinidad and Tobago; this is all about their lust for political power and control! It all comes back to politics. In their own little minds, T&T is PNM country even if they are not in power.

I cannot believe that they have targeted our overseas missions to “highlight the following issues, mismanagement, deceit, corruption and tyranny of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago”. 

Really, these PNM members should have been protesting their (PNM’s) administration between 2002-2010. They should have been protesting their party’s eight years of nepotism, mismanagement corruption, national divisiveness, arrogance, ethno-nationalism, secrecy and a feeding frenzy at the national treasury trough.

Did they come out and protest when their party in Government was involved in hiring criminals and awarding contracts to known lawbreakers? 

They should have been protesting their own leader and (then) Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s history of dealing with people identified by police as criminals and gang leaders associated with the URP and other State-run project.

They should have been protesting how several key crime figures amassed millions through the URP and what was then the NHA refurbishing project; they should have protested when kidnappings were rampant. In fact they should have protested when their leader was defending the actions of his so called community leaders…This is when the explosion of gang violence started in Trinidad and Tobago, under the PNM!

Every pronouncement that comes from them has the word “corrupt” attached to it yet no one has been able to provide any shread of evidence to support their claim.

Their current Political Leader, as a Cabinet Minister, alluded to UDeCOTT as a feeding frenzy and said it was ten times worse than that of Piarco. 

After presiding over the financial largesse doled out by two oil and gas bonanzas (last one $300bn and counting) the PNM bequeathed to T&T both in 1986 and 2010 a legacy of squandermania, a ballooning public debt, militant arrogance and an empty treasury.

The PNM is now a weak opposition in Parliament has given every impression of being politically unsure of itself. For the past thirty months, they have refused to accept that the PNM is a badly injured political entity and because of its margin of defeat in 2010 (29-12) the PNM will never recuperate.
Does this party believe the electorate will ever put God out of its mind and elect them to mismanage and misgovern and bleed this country again?

The electorate is full of hope and expectation of the People’s Partnership Government, as they continue to deliver on their promises.
Capil Bissoon | Ontario Canada

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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