Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lots of projects in PNM constituencies: Rambachan

Suruj Rambachan told legislators on Tuesday it's just not true that PNM constituencies are not getting any development projects as alleged by the opposition.

The Local Government Minister listed projects by the Self Help Commission to show that there is no discrimination. 

"Diego Martin Central got 26 projects, Diego Martin East 81, Diego Martin West 39, Laventille East 84, Laventille West 73, Port of Spain/St Ann's West: 43, Port of Spain South 65, St. Ann's East 37, Point Fortin 54."

He compared that with what is happening in UNC held constituencies: "Caroni 14, Caroni East 57, Chaguanas 47, Couva North 39, Couva South 15, Oropouche East and West 74, Siparia 96." He asked, "Where is the discrimination?"

He also noted that there is a lack of projects in Port of Spain because the mayor of the city is holding back funds instead of investing in the community.

"What they (PNM) should do is make friends once more with Mr. Louis Lee Sing, their Mayor, and ask him why he has $41 million in unspent balances that he's not spending for the benefits of projects for the people in Port of Spain," Rambachan said. 

"Why is Mr. Lee Sing and the PNM punishing the people of Port of Spain? Why? And putting 41 million in unspent balances?"

The Minister also refuted charges by the opposition that the economy is under threat. He said consumer borrowing and spending by the private sector is up.

He said in 2010 over 1,000 cars per month were sold. "12,330 new cars were sold in this country and I am not counting foreign used. In 2011 it went up by 635 to 12,965 and for first six months of this year, we have already sold 7,095 new cars in this country. People are investing," he said.

Rambachan added that under the PNM rule, Central and South Trinidad were denied opportunities for economic growth.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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