Monday, October 22, 2012

Lok Jack, Enill refuse to accept blame

Arthur Lok Jack has defended the sale of the BWIA slots to British Airways for £5 million when reports suggest that was way below - about five times under - the market prices 

The former chairman of BWIA told the Express newspaper "the board wasn't negligent in any way." Lok Jack added that it is "ridiculous to say there was negligence. He said only Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. "We gave it to the one who was going to continue to fly to Trinidad," Lok Jack told the paper.

Lok Jack told the paper he has no problem in providing answers on the sale. Former minister in the Ministry of Finance Conrad Enill told the paper the decision to sell the slots was based on expert advice.
"Ministers don't go out and negotiate commercial arrangements, they set policy and they direct activities on the basis of reports," said Enill.

The Express asked for his view on the report that calls on fromer PNM minister sto account for their actions in the sale. He said, "I think those are issues that the (former) board has to respond to. I don't think it was simply a case of selling the slots, I think there was some situation with negotiations with British Airways and a package....

"In so far as negligence, I don't understand that term because nobody is going to take any action that is not supported by any information...I maintain that the decision that was made was based on the advice that we got."

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