Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Liz Awai takes on Colm Imbert and the PNM

Liz Awai is a regular critic of the PNM and supports the People's Partnership government. Her writings are usually precise and well researched with credible supporting data. It seems that her letters to the media have hit former Works Minister Colm Imbert's achilles heel.

This is from Imbert:

On 30 October 2012 07:03, Colm Imbert <colm.imbert@ymail.com> wrote:

Whoever is posting these messages, why don't you give up? Your postings are patently false, overdone, convoluted and contrived and clearly part of a wider propaganda machine. You are fooling no-one

And this is Awai's response:
What are you trying, Mr Imbert? And, why are you hiding: by writing me under low? My name, address, and telephone contact are plainly visible. And everything I write is visible for all to see. 

Speaking about seeing, from what everyone can see, you and your PNM buddies hold no brief for the Prime Minister, her Ministers or anyone from the People's Partnership. 

So, why must we hold any brief for you? The history of you and your buddies is, "PNM first, second, third, fourth and all places; while the overwhelming majority of the population, nothing for them but pressure.

Maybe you think now that you and your buddies are in Opposition, we must play sainty-sainty and not make you pay/account for the many crimes you committed? Well, sir, that and a green donkey you will never see: I for one won't rest until, for the very least, you all say sorry, then resign.

The Honourable Prime Minister, Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar, is not afraid to discipline her own Ministers; do you think she'd be afraid to make you and your buddies pay/account for your many sins against the people? That's why I can understand how you feel, sir, since you too know your day to make restitution will come.

As I travel around the Diego Martin constituencies, I keep shaking my head in wonderment at so many which you all could have done, but didn't, during all the time you were in office with dollars gushing from the excessive oil windfall.
And I get wroughted when I hear you, Dr Rowley and Dr Browne complaining and criticizing this government for neglecting the western peninsula. You guys have no shame! Absolutely no shame! 

Worse yet, you have people traipsing along behind you; poor things, they don't know better; they've been brainwashed by your PNM propaganda to believe they mustn't believe in themselves or their ability to take charge of their own circumstances, starting with the so-called free education your founder "gave" them!

In closing, again I say, I speak in the public domain, because the topics I cover belong in the public domain, nowhere else. You need to trump and follow suit.
Liz Awai, (Cellphone: 731 3355)Bagatelle, Diego Martin, Trinidad.

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