Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter: We must not forget SOPO and the 1990 attempted Coup

In the period 1989 to 1990 there was a group in Trinidad and Tobago called SOPO. It stood for Summit of People's Organizations. That group included the Unions and the Jammat Al Muslimeen, NGO's, the late PNM MP Morris Marshall and Canon Knolly Clarke who is now Pontius Pilate. SOPO's role has been recently flagged by COP Chairman Joseph Toney in an interview with Clevon Raphael.

The net effect of SOPO was a descent into the bush, a Prime Minister held hostage, tortured and shot, policemen and Parliament staff murdered, a Parliament invaded and occupied and a country traumatized. The wounds of 1990 are not yet healed. 

While in 1990 Eastern Europe was waking up to democracy and rejecting the ideological bullshit that was Marxism/Communism, here in T&T SOPO's proxy thugs were storming the Parliament. Today 22 years later we pay tribute to the army that defended democracy and the Prime Minister who cried "attack with full force".
SOPO and its 2012 incarnation cannot deny this. In fact members of SOPO have never categorically condemned the attempted coup. When Abu Bakr said he was betrayed he must say who betrayed him. Bakr must say who failed to take to the streets in support of him as was promised. Was it SOPO? Are there persons who were part of SOPO in 1990 who are now aligning with the PNM? There are at least two that I am aware of.

Now 22 years after the failed Coup nightmare of 1990 and SOPO we have a new gathering where one of the leaders of has publicly declared his intention to "bring down the government". The gentlemen in question should say exactly how he intends to "bring down the government". Another leader has spoken about "this is the smoke the fire coming" and yet another has called for "a grand coalition of the peoples democracy". What do all these things mean? Connect the dots people. Plans are being laid for the removal of the Government outside of a general election. Connect the dots!

This is the 21st century where the world is rapidly leaving us behind. The rise of China and India have nothing to do with SOPO or failed, rejected and long discarded Communist or Socialist hogwash ideas like the one being pushed by the Unions that now cuddle the PNM. 

People of this country must be aware and conscious least they let the rabble that is now coming together steal their democracy and rights and turn T&T into a Cuban/North Korean cult. 

Frankly I am disappointed in Rowley. The PNM has, for all their faults, always stood for democratic principles and has always rejected Communism.

Kristen Maurice (From the UNITED VOICE)

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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