Thursday, October 11, 2012

Letter: Media images send wrong messages

If Holy Betaudier could rejuvenate, or Simon Cowell was to come to Trinidad and Tobago, we could start a show named Newspapers Got Talent, in which the only yardstick is how balanced their front pages are. Swear to God the Trinidad Newsday would win hands down.

If you check our three dailies today (Thursday Oct. 11), each one uses an almost full sized picture of Mrs Kamla Persad Bissessar, our dear and most beautiful Prime Minister, looking even more stunning than usual in a well tailored blue outfit, with scarf and necklace to match, and in each photo she is holding some documents.

One expressly declared 'Jack has no power' alongside the full length of our Prime Minister's photograph. It even had a tiny pic of Mr Jack Warner, giving the impression the documents the Prime Minister was holding was some law or order she signed to make sure of that.
Another tried to throw us off guard -next to the picture big and bold it said 'Fuad farms out Mt Hope', like if the documents was the proof of some underhand arrangement hard working Dr Fuad Khan had made concerning Mt Hope Hospital.
But only the Newsday was bang on target, the Newsday headline was 'PM stops $320m THA Rahael deal', which is what I realized the documents concerned, after reading the story the headline was about-some major 'questionable' deals in the PNM controlled Tobago House of Assembly involving $250 million for some Tobago Aquatic Centre without tenders, and $320 million Shirvan THA Administrative Complex, two scandals where it looks like some people was planning to 'teef' taxpayers money in broad daylight and make a bolt for it.
If it's one thing we don't need to be reminded of is that this Prime Minister doesn't mince matters when the public interest is concerned. 

The Prime Minister has already let loose the Attorney General and the Minister of Finance on the THA trail. So whoever did wrong or attempted to do wrong on those THA matters better start hiring good lawyers, because Senators Ramlogan and Howai are two very diligent professionals who nobody could pull a fast one on.

Having told you all of this, is it any wonder why I does make sure to pick up a copy of the Newsday early o'clock every living day, and when it sell out, to go to Newsday office on Chacon Street to buy one? Take it from me people, when you want a fair shake, good reporting, balanced opinions, check the Newsday, not the rest.

All told, we don't really and truly need to bathe Holly B in any fountain of youth, or to send for Simon Cowell, to get good guidance on which daily newspaper is miles and miles ahead of the rest. Because the Newsday is to local and Caribbean journalism what our dearest Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar is to our politics-simply the best, the numero uno, the most balanced of all.

Liz Awai, (Cellphone 731-3355) |Bagatelle, Diego Martin.

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