Monday, October 8, 2012

Letter: Happy Christmas (in advance) Dr Rowley!

Well, it's another quiet day in the upper Pashley, Wharton area where I'm newly renting this two room bachee. My, it must the millionnth time I've moved in the past five to six years since being thrown out from the Charford courts apartment after my husband got killed.

Anyhow, God is good and this letter is not to bitch about anything really, just to send out early Christmas greetings to my neighbourhood lord and saviour, Dr Keith Rowley, since I now reading where the gift he wants most of all for Christmas is peace on earth and goodwill in Trinidad and Tobago, just like we've been enjoying for the past month in Laventille.

In case you think I'm making up stories, because I saw where Mr Imbert made some real nasty remarks about me and even hired a private investigator to track me down like if I tell him I looking for husband, let me advise all of you that Dr Rowley said so himself when he was interviewed by the Guardian newspaper in 2010 by Cherisse Moe and the article was published in the Guardian on Christmas Day 2010.

I just stumbled on the article while unpacking, because it's old newspapers I does use to wrap up glasswares whenever I have to pack up to move house.
The article is headlined Rowley loves Christmas, and it has a lovely picture of Dr Rowley and his wife Sharon, who is a lawyer working with a bigtime lawyer Mr Martin Daly who does never have anything good to say about the government at all.

If you put your hand on the article, check out the last question Cherisse Moe asks Dr Rowley and what he gives as his answer (Q: What is your Christmas wish for T&T? A: That we see the end of this crime rage and that somehow it abates so that we can all get back to some sense of normalcy and stability. There is a rage that’s fuelling senseless daily crime in T&T.)

The radio stations all playing Christmas music since before the Budget read. Like they did know in advance that was a Santa Claus budget we was going to get? 

So I might as well throw my worries behind me for the day and get in the Christmas spirit and say, Happy Christmas in advance Dr Rowley! I hope you remember to tell Santa Jack thanks for bringing peace on Laventille earth. And to say thanks be to God for giving Mama Kamla the wisdom to make him Minister of Security.

By the way Mr Imbert, next time you want to find out about me ask Mr Ni Leung Hypolite. That is if you can find him because we can't find him. And before I forget, congrats to West Indies!

Got to go now. Have to finish unpacking then iron those boys school uniforms.

Candice Bartholomew-Reyes | Upper Pashley Street, Laventille

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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