Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hinds engages in racist talk during Budget debate

Fitzgerald Hinds claimed on Wednesday that some officials in the state sector are racist and singled out the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) to make his point. 

"The chairman of the Board, Rudy Maharaj, is involved in operational matters of the bank, interviewing staff alone, receiving resumes alone, shortlisting people for interview, dictating things to human resource manager and loans manager about loans in the ADB. That cannot be right!" the opposition senator told the Senate during his budget presentation.

Hinds said according to reports he has received "35 people have been employed, all of one race" at the bank since Maharaj took over the chairmanship.

"You may not know it Ministers, but some of your functionaries in the state sector are telling people who they meet there 'is we time now', PNM people, once yuh African. They are doing that!" Hinds claimed.

He said Government is conducting a "scorch and burn policy" through its developments outside Port of Spain claiming that the administration has "emptied Port of Spain, I suspect deliberately".

He also suggested that there is a business conflict of interest. "All the printing for the Bank is done by a company owned by the chairman," he stated. Hinds added that Maharaj passes the printing business through other companies and offered to provide all the details to the AG for investigation.
Hinds said he is not a racist. However some of his past statements raise questions about that.

For example, when a young boy embraced the Prime Minister during her tour of flooded areas in Maraval he chastised the child. "I saw an idiot little Rasta boy kissing the Prime Minister's palm. That made me sick. And if I had my way, I cut every dreadlock off his head, every one, Madame vice President, that idiot boy, what a rude little dreadlock", Hinds stated in November last year.

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