Friday, October 26, 2012

Express reporter asked to name source for story on Duprey witness statement

Express Political Editor Ria Taitt is scheduled to appear before CLICO/HCU enquiry Friday as commissioner Sir Anthony Colman tries to find out Taitt's source for the exclusive story on the witness statement of former CL Financial executive chairman Lawrence Duprey.

One of Duprey's lawyers, Lionel Luckhoo, raised the issue about the source of the story on the day Taitt's article was published in the Express under the headline: "I did nothing wrong."

Taitt complied with a request to appear before the enquiry on Thursday accompanied her Express attorney Faarees Hosein and advised Sir Anthony that Taitt declined to "name or identify her source".

The commissioner stated that there are only two possible sources from where Taitt could have got access to the witness statement.

"One source is the lawyers representing Mr Duprey or Mr Duprey himself, the other possible source is the lawyers representing one or other of the parties in these proceedings," he said.

He asked each legal team about it and all of them denied being Taitt's source.

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