Friday, October 12, 2012

Cabinet approves new food production plan

Devant Maharaj told the media Thursday cabinet has approved a new initiative to boost food production and lower inflation. 

The food production minister said it would target women and young people who want to get involved in some form of agri-business.
Maharaj explained that the focus of the program would be on people who don't have access to a lot of space, noting that some projects like fish farming would require very little space and low capital expenditure.

He said a ministerial team comprising Food Production, National Security, Planning and Ministry of the People would meet with the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) to work out the specifics of the program.

The minister also announced that on Friday he would launch what he called "a breakthrough in agricultural production" at the Centre of Excellence. 

He said it would show how modern technology can increase product yields by up top 400 per cent. The development, he said, would have major implications for growing food, especially on small farms such as the 2-acre plots being handed out to ex-Caroni workers.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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