Friday, October 12, 2012

Cabinet approves 2-year extension of Civilian Conservation Corps

National Security Minister Jack Warner said on Thursday cabinet has approved a two-year extension of the National Civilian Conservation Corps to October 2014. He told reporters at the post cabinet media briefing the cost of the program is just over $101 million.

Warner said so far the program has trained 4,856 in the age group 18-25. He said cabinet agreed to reduce the entry qualification from 18 to 16 to allow more young people to access it.

The program was introduced by the Manning People's National Movement (PNM) administration in 1992 with a mission to "positively alter attitudes and behaviours of socially marginalised youth". Warner said the program would be expanded beyond that target group.

Trainees undergo physical training, and learn about anger management, building self esteem, conflict resolution, obeying the law, occupational health and safety, proper parenting and team building.

The program offers practical training in a wide variety of vocational skills, including hairdressing, welding, plumbing, electrical, secretarial work, child care, auto mechanic, carpentry and other life skills to make young people employable.

He said he plans to meet soon with his ministerial colleague, Tertiary Education Minister Fazal Karim, to discuss stipends and increased allowances for participants. He also plans to meet with the director of the program, Major Richardson, to discuss other details.

The administrative staff of the Civilian Conservation Corps comprises active and retired members of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force under the guidance of its Programme Director, Major Richardson.

Warner said the expanded program would include 153 former members of the defence force and 110 former trainees from the program.

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