Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some people making false claims for housing assistance: Jearlean John

Families protest outside the HDC Monday. Express photo
Seven families affected by the recent floods in Diego Martin demonstrated outside the housing ministry Monday to draw attention to their problem. They told local media they are continuing to live in shelters and that is not acceptable.

"We can't live in shelter all of our lives. We have children and all we are asking is that John helps us get a home," Rachel Charles told reporters. "They are treating us like animals and we are not animals."

The Housing Development Corporation has relocated 23 families from Diego Martin to temporary homes in Oropune Gardens, Piarco. In addition, the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development distributed cheques to those seeking financial assistance to repair their homes.

Last week dozens of flood victims chided their parliamentary representative, Keith Rowley, for not helping them. The Opposition leader blamed the government and said he doesn't have the resources to help.

The Managing Director of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) JHearlean John told the media some people are trying to abuse the system. She explained that HDC investigations showed that one of the persons demanding housing did not suffer any damage to the home in which she was living. The house is owned by the woman's grand mother, John stated. Another protester does not even live in the area, she stated.

"Everybody feels they have no personal responsibility and tell themselves, I run into a little difficulty let me just run to the HDC and it doesn't matter what it is, is like they don't sit down and say how did I contribute to this," John told the Express newspaper. She said people who genuinely qualify for help would get relief housing according to availability.

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John explained that since the People's Partnership came into office in May 2010, it has relocated a total of 197 families into emergency housing for disaster ranging from flood to fires.

And Communication Minister Jamal Mohammed issued a media release Monday pointing out that "unlike any other in the history of this country, (the PP government) has moved swiftly to bring relief and provide food, shelter, comfort and whatever works was needed right away".

Mohammed dismissed a charge by Rowley that the Government is "using public relations to make you think everything is all right", noting that the government has invested more than $40 million into repairs and clean-up.
That's a combination of the cost of the emergency works by different agencies in flood-hit areas.

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