Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Justice Minister takes office, gets advice from a fellow Tobagonian

Christlyn Moore takes the oath of office Wednesday as Trinidad & Tobago's new Justice Minister. Primem Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar announced her appointment last thursday when she said Moore's predecessor, Herbert Volney, would be relieved of the position for misleading the cabinet on the Section 34 issue.

Moore is from Tobago ... and her appointment is causing excitement among some Tobagonains. Here's what one of them has to say:
Christlyn? Dat you chile? Omeegadoh! 

Fuss ah happy fuh yuh! Yuh could strain water buh you cyar strain blood! All ah we is one famalee so when ah see ah Toobagonian ah get glohree, me heart must feel proud cause nuh often prophet geh honour inna eeh own country.

But a couple things I want you remember chile, as you take up office as the new Minister of Justice.

One! Yu kah stop river from babbling. People will run dey mouth on you whether you do, or eh do. So me ah hope yu nuh fuh take dis wok like ah sailor wot playing mas and fraiding powder same time. Go brave! Whistle in the dark if it comes to that! And when gossipers come around, run them, move from them, or zip yuh lips.

Two! What yuh pass in broad daylight, doh wait to tek flambo to go look for when night come. Deal with things on your plate one time, don't let things accumulate otherwise they would overwhelm you before you could say "ANR Robinson!"

Three! Wash yuh foot before yuh jump in any dance! Remember what caused you to become a Minister, so be thorough with your work, seek proper advice and think twice or three times before making a decision on anything.

Four! Common sense make before book sense! You is a Senator now. Dat mean you making and reshaping the laws we living by. Stay in tune with the people, so you would know whether what you doing is relevant and or futile and harmful to them.

Five! All skin teeth nuh laff! Be discerning! Is not everybody dat shake yuh hand and tell you congrats, happy that you get call up to shake de Governor hand. 

Remember what yuh granny does always say, Reaa yuh Bible chile! Once you stay close to God and keep good company, you bound to succeed!

Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande

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