Friday, September 14, 2012

Letter: Woman to woman advice for PM Kamla

Dear Madam Prime Minister,

Woman to woman, some time before what I call the Great Debate, you spruced up the Cabinet in a thorough going over. You brought in some more COPs and the COps already in your cabinet, you put them on a higher shelf. 

I think the only change you had to make afterwards was to move an inherited piece of wares down to the bottom shelf after he was found to be messing with the wrong bunch. Oops! You also brought in a Ming dynasty masterpiece. Woman to woman, that was a masterpiece move.

Woman to woman, with The Great Debate over I'm letting you know that arrangement not looking too good right now. You won the debate, but paid a high price, because, woman to woman, the cry in town is, just like the PNM, your government would do anything to help bighshots and not lift a finger to help people struggling on the ground.

Woman to woman, I do NOT share that view of you or your government at all, because I sense you have good intentions, and that you listen to the ground in your desire to stay on the right track. 

Woman to woman, that's why I feel it's my duty to pitch in and help when people start murmuring against you because, woman to woman, although we know the voice of the people is the voice of God, God Himself did say the Devil has great influence on earth. So, woman to woman, Madam Prime Minister, time to get out your gloves and dustcloth since it's time to put the bad-talkers in their proper place by reconfiguring your Cabinet again.

Woman to woman, these are the changes and why the changes-

I followed the debate on Parliament TV and noticed how, right through, everyone from the non government sides kept hammering away that the government, not them, created the problem they were called out to fix. 

Conveniently ignoring they passed the law, like annoying mosquitoes they kept buzzing in listeners' ears things like 'it's a conspiracy', 'underhand', 'surreptitious', and 'somebody went behind Cabinet back and got the President to agree to the law'.

Lord knows, they sounded damn convincing. Woman to woman, I must admit, for a long while they had me hooked.

The older ones, specially in the Senate, also kept pointing out that, long ago, things didn't happen so. I'm not old, so can't say from personal experience, but from what I've read, they might have a good point. There's a calypso which says 'small pin does chook hard'. 

Woman to woman, you and I know that does only happen if we put ourselves in position for it to do that.

Woman to woman, I think it's time you stack all legal wares on one shelf, so my first suggestion is to bring everything to do with law and justice back under one ministry. How to put it? Ah yes! Streamline! That's the word! Because, if you have only one hand handling everything, it could never happen that 'right hand eh go know what left hand doing'.

The only question is, 'Who will head that Ministry?'.

Woman to woman, I say give Mr Anand Ramlogan the job. Woman to woman, if not for his presentation and defence of the government's case, I would've gone along with what the other sides were saying.

Woman to woman, your Attorney General was a giant in the Great Debate, on the ball every single minute, chipping away when he needed to, swashbuckling when batting away silly arguments of Mr Hinds, firmly but gentlemanly countering the heavy blows of Ms Mac Donald, man to man but respectfully standing his ground with the brilliant Senator Prescott, artfully coaxing Senator Drayton to withdraw and stunningly in the end leaving no alternative to PNM Senator Al-Rawi to join in putting across certain points in support of the government. Woman to woman, I think Senator Al-Rawi was feeling left out and wanted to get a share of Mr Ramlogan's time in the spotlight.

Woman to woman, the only other change I think needs making is to put everything to do with the environment under Mr Anand Ramlogan too. Woman to woman, when the Great Debate began and almost right down to the end of it, you have to confess the government had real egg on its face and created real headache for its hundreds of thousands of supporters. 

Judging from his Great Debate performance, woman to woman, there's no man better at cleaning up other people's mess than Anand Ramlogan. Woman to woman, I am telling you Solid Waste and Cepep cannot steal a march on him.

Also, woman to woman, the man knows law and how to argue a case better than nearly all of the lawyers in Trinidad and Tobago put together. Woman to woman, when you have a lamp, you don't hide it under a barrel, you put it up on a prominent position where it could light up the whole place for everybody. 
Woman to woman, Madam Prime Minister, Anand Ramlogan is the man for them.

So, woman to woman, what shall we call this new ministry to be headed by Mr Ramlogan, and, besides him, who else to put in it? Woman to woman, call it the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Environment. 

And, woman to woman, put Mr Prakash Ramadhar and Mr Herbert Volney there with him, but let them know that they are not and cannot ever be the top legal dog as long as Mr Ramlogan is your Cabinet.

Thank you! Woman to woman, may Our Lord bless you with long life and long reign!

Maria Hussein | Jacana Ave, Maloney Gardens

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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