Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Letter: Trying to make senses out of Manning's nonsense

Our people must be alert and pick sense from nonsense.
Patrick Manning is saying that had he been present for the vote on the Administration of Justice (Indictable Offences) Act he would have broken party ranks and voted against the Bill.
The question is, where was Patrick Manning when the Bill was debated? 
Remember, this was in November 2011, months before his health problems.
Where was he when the vote wast taken? 

Where was he during the Committee stage when the Bill is discussed cause by clause? Where was he when the Bill was brought back to the House with the Senate changes? He was absent. 

He did as he has always been doing since he lost the May 2010 general election. He had been coming to Parliament, making no contribution to the debates, not representing his constituents, leaving early after the roll was recorded and therefore he was abdicating his responsibility to the nation and collecting MP's pay under false pretenses.

Did he even bother to read the Parliamentary documents sent to him almost weekly back then? Did he ever read any of those versions of the Bill before or after their passage? Did he make any observations on the Bill? Why did he not make any comments or go on record, whether inside the Parliament or outside, on any concerns?

Before we start lauding the former PNM leader and lobbying for his comeback, let's take a moment and think!

In my opinion, while the MPs who participated in passing this Bill may have fallen short, if there is any MP who has failed us even worse in this fiasco, it would be Mr Manning who abdicated his responsibility by being absent when he should have been present and being silent when he should have spoken.

Claudia Ali | Chaguanas

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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