Thursday, September 27, 2012

Letter: Rowley 'out of control'

Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley’s continues to reminds us what former Prime Minister Patrick Manning thought of him, culminating in his firing from the then People’s National Movement (PNM) government. 

Ever since his ascension to the PNM leadership, Rowley’s frequent “rant and rave” attitude seems to justify that “out of control” behaviour which Mr Manning lambasted him for prior to kicking him out.

Without even considering the consequences of his actions, Rowley’s new approach is to attack every idea, plan or solution of the present Peoples’ Partnership Government (PP) with full force, assassinating peoples’ character along the way. 

But one may obviously ask, is not this the same Rowley along with his PNM Parliamentary members who among themselves unanimously voted for Section 34 in Parliament? It seems now that their mission now is to craftily engage in obstructionist antics and delaying tactics to frustrate and sabotage the goodwill efforts of the PP government.

His recent threat not to cooperate with the ruling PP Government on any Bills in Parliament must be seen not only as an insult to all of us as citizens but more so as a definite attack on our democracy. 

How long must this opposition leader and his MPs hold Trinidad and Tobago to ransom? Do not these PNM members really have compassion, love and care for the lovely people of this country?

Credibly now everyone knows why former Prime Minister, Patrick Manning said Rowley was “out of control” and likened his behaviour to that of a “whajang and raging bull”. 

Rowley seems to be bent on continuing this “jammette” behaviour by putting his foot-in-mouth too often now. Perhaps the same people he professes to represent must now judge from his perspective about “the peoples’ rights” and see whether he has their interests at heart or that of the dwindling PNM minority.

Objectively and honestly everybody must not be hoodwinked by Rowley anymore but rather open their eyes and see that he is doing an excellent job in dividing our beautiful people all for dubious, selfish PNM mileage.

Colin Ghouralal | Chaguanas

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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