Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jack gets tough on crime; failure is not an option

Jack Warner: "It can't be business as usual".
Jack Warner has hit the road running. The new National Security Minister, described by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar as an 'action man', is ready to prove her right.

In his first official statement since being handed the important portfolio, Warner said he would return the country to a state of normalcy. And the message tio criminals is that their days are numbers.

Warner spoke with the Guardian media Saturday at his Chaguanas West constituency office. He said if necessary he would bring back the Flying Squad, which was a highly efficient crime fighting unit under the control of Randolph Burroughs. He said he would also study some measures that worked in the past.

Warner told the paper he would issue a full statement Monday after he meets with key officials in the various divisions of his new ministry. He also promised a new crime plan "in two to three weeks". The Minister said his appointment signals the “dawn of a new era”.

One of the issues that concerns the new minister is the low morale of personnel in the protective services. He told the Guardian he hopes to improve that as a priority and he wants citizens to start having a new level of respect for the law.

Warner is not a big fan of the 21st century police initiative. And he has stated publicly that it makes no sense to close police stations while the government is building nine new ones.

He pledged that under his watch no more police stations would be closed. And he said people will see more patrols, especially on weekends.

Warner also had a message for people who drive recklessly on the road, adding to the daily carnage. “It can’t be business as usual,” he said. 

The minister said policemen who support his crime-busting initiatives will have his full support.

He doesn't plan to fix the crime problem by sitting in an office. He said will drop in on police stations at any hour and any time and if possible go on police raids. And he had a message for lawmen - he would ensure that they always get good and fair treatment. The pledge came with a warning - those who break the law and use their office to terrorise the community will face the consequences.

Warner said he would ensure that all complaints about police are investigated and promised a hotline in every division to receive complaints. He was emphatic that rogue cops, so called bad apples, would have to go.

The minister made it clear that failure is not an option for him. “People will judge me by the success with which I have led my life. In every sphere of my life I have succeeded." He thanked the Prime Minister for the confidence she has in him.

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