Friday, February 7, 2014

Rowley too 'dark' to lead PNM?

Fitzgerald Hinds told supporters of the People's National Movement (PNM) on Wednesday night that some people inn the PNM believe Keith Rowley is not the right person to lead the party because his skin is "too dark".

"I know this would break your heart but I will tell you this. One day, at about 1.30 p.m., I was walking through the streets of Port of Spain and I spoke to a former minister of government from a PNM cabinet. 

"And he told me something that troubled me deeply, almost broke my heart, and I am a tough man. 

"He said to me that he had just come from a meeting with a couple of other former ministers and some businessmen, and they were all ’round the lunch table and agreed that Dr Rowley had done an excellent job as political leader for the PNM for the last three years," Hinds told a political meeting in Belmont. 

"They thought he did a great job. And told me shockingly that the only issue that came up in objection was that we had never had such a dark-skinned prime minister."

He added, "I went to a number of my colleagues, inside and outside of the PNM, and asked them if they think like that or if ever heard anything like that. And to the man and woman, everybody said they heard it before." 

Hinds said some members of the party don't want Rowley because they were influential in the Manning administration and know they cannot have that influence under Rowley's leadership.

"There is another handful of them who just find he too serious. But this country don’t want no joker, no laughy-laughy, smiley-smiley thing. This country calls for serious leadership,” he said.

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