Monday, February 10, 2014

Devant facing threats from author and newspaper columnist: Report

Devant Maharaj
A report in the Trinidad Guardian states that Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj is facing threats from a woman who is an author and also a columnist for the Trinidad Express.

The Guardian said Maharaj reported that he has been "bombarded by threatening text messages" from the woman, whom he identified as Shirley Hall. The report quoted Maharaj as saying that Hall is trying to "extort financial favours" from him, a charge that Hall has denied.

However, Maharaj told the paper he has the text messages to prove that Hall has been sending him messages. He said he has forwarded them to his ministerial colleague, Gary Griffith, who is the national security minister. Maharaj said he sent the texts to Health Minister Fuad Khan as well because he thinks the woman might be mentally unstable and could require psychiatric help. 

The matter appears to centre on a book written by Hall titled: A New Caribbean Homegarden Handbook. The Guadian said Hall has accused Maharaj of using material from her book for speeches without her permission and without giving her credit.

Maharaj said Hall started sending him intimidatory messages after his ministry decided it would not buy her book.  

The Guardian report said the messages to Maharaj advise that he will become a cripple by February 27 as a result of a curse. However, the messages claim that a high priest would reverse the curse if Maharaj agrees to a meeting by February 11.

READ THE STORY in the Guardian:

Devant Under Threat

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